Leaks of what it would look like Motorola phones coming

This thread leaks of what it would look like Motorola phones next appeared on Engadget.

The Motorola last year launched 7 devices in the United States, in addition to a number of devices in markets around the world. And re-submit the mark Moto X flagship from the company again as a phone medium called Google network project Fi network, the phone G5 Plus has achieved a new record in quality and performance in a range of phones least expected.

Where it seems that Motorola is providing good phones in all price categories, it seems that the company will this year to develop its range further as the screen full support for touch 5G. These are more rumors Vogue of the phones Moto 2018.

My phone Moto Z3 andZ3 Play


While my phone Moto Z2 Play the Z2 Force maintained the basic design of the gym the first phone Moto Z, the only phone Moto Z3 this could change. Didn’t Motorola re-design of the phones Z2 to maintain compatibility with the first generation of units Moto Mods, which began rolling out in 2016. However, with the development of the industry and education dialogue higher and larger, it seems that the competitors have contributed to forcing Motorola to change.

Might explain that rumors are serious and only appeared on Moto Z3 so far, depicting a plate glass front and curved like the Galaxy S8 surround the edges of the screen left and right, in addition to having the edges of the thin top and bottom of the phone. But despite confirmation of the famous warrior “Evan blass” of information, it remains just rumors.

Even now, rumors indicate that the phone Moto Z3 will come with a screen 6 inches by coordinates 18:9 and the accuracy of 2160×1080, and the phone is the next generation of processors Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is supposed to be wave phone Samsung Galaxy S9 and a number of Android phones leading the other.

For a long time came to Motorola phones right-click the material or reader-fingerprint on the front of its phones, so if the rumors of the adoption of the company’s design full screen right you’ll the company is facing the same challenge to Apple and Samsung with their phones the leading in the past year, which may force her to change place of the sensor footprint.

While the images we have seen so far of the phones Z3 and Z3 Play available to suggest that there will be a scanner back print, however, it seems that there is a button programs in place the navigation bar, which is likely to works user’s fingerprint integrated to the network.

The only thing certain about the range Z New is that they will be compatible with all units of Moto Mods that have been released so far, this means that regardless of how the re-design of Motorola devices, they will come to the same basic framework, but they may vary in terms of thickness measurement and the final. Also it is expected that there will be two models, at least from the group of Z3, there are Information points for the third pilot in the group.

Phone Moto X5

Moto X5

The same source who had leaked information about phone Moto Z3 leaked information about phone Moto X5 Next, and pointed out that he would come to the design between the iPhone X Phone Motorola previous.

In the leaked images shows the protrusion divides the status bar like iPhone X, except that the status bar under the Black, allowing these areas to fall in the windshield, it helps in making the disparity between the corners, circular at the bottom of the screen and the corners 90 degrees at the top.

As the extrusion distance for the entire two dual front speakers, if they work like camera Motorola dual rear it is supposed to allow to take a photo of the porter deeply over the prominent.

The rumors for the existence of the screen of 5.9 inches with a resolution of 2160×1080, and the feeling on behalf of Motorola as a whole is in place the sensor footprint to previous models.

Also the button appears on the screen until the platform screen, indicating that the phone X5 will be the same way development phone Z3; in addition to the Android system ore buttons and other applications.

Phones Moto G6, the G6 plus andG6 Play

Phone was Moto G5 of the best phones cheap price last year, so there are many people waiting to see what he will say phone G6. In last October published “Evan blass” that Motorola plans to offer the class Play phone G6; what means that there will be 3 devices in this category and they are Moto G6, G6 plus وG6 Play.

And rumors that phones G6 will enter the coordinates of the 18:9 with the edges thin as other flagship models, there will come phone Moto G6 screen, 5.7 inches, the phone G6 plus a 5.9-inch.

Unlike phones Z3 and X6 it is rumored that retains the phones G6 three sensor footprint, it will be transferred phone G6 Play for the rear. If the sensors work like a scanner footprint previous phones Moto can also work as a button key and to respond to the gestures to replace the buttons back and the newest applications, which is referred to by Motorola previously on behalf of One Button Nav any development right one.

It is expected that updated my phone are Moto G6 وG6 plus to phone G6 processor Snapdragon 450 instead of the Snapdragon processor 430, and phone G6 plus the Snapdragon 630 instead of the Snapdragon processor 625. The position reports to telephone G6 Play will come with a bigger battery of all models capacity 4000 mAh, in addition to that there will be slight differences in the camera between models.

My phone Moto G6 وG6 plus are coming back with a double 12+5-megapixel camera, the phone G6 Play will come back with one is not to clarify the accuracy of the report. Usually set to Moto Play of products, lower than anticipated, so it is expected that the phone comes G6 Play at a lower price than other models which is noted in the report that comes at the price of $ 240 for G6 and 330 $ for G6 plus.

The report also noted that each model will come in three colors exclusive of pink, gloss Silver, matte black, blue and black.

Unit 5G Moto Mod

Moto Mods

Been offering many units of the Moto Mods which you download phone to a projector, camera, Polaroid, speakers, mobile; but the company seems to planning something new.

Where the leaked information suggests that Motorola is working on the module you add the contact 5G to the family Z. the company has indicated this before almost a year ago, so it may not be launch this unit and tested within the company only; but if this unit already has gets users phones Moto Z since 2016 touch 5G before the latest devices to be released this year.

Still these are just rumors; but in any case, still this information is the first information showing a large group of products scheduled to launch after months. There is an opportunity to launch one of these devices in the conference world for phones MWC by the end of February.


This thread leaks of what it would look like Motorola phones next appeared on Engadget.

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