Leaks of the Google Pixel 4 XL promise to phone fabulous blends aesthetic design and strength of gear


Two months ago or so, there was a leak said that the phone Google Pixel 4 XL next company Google. In fact, it is leaking the uncertain so to speak, is a sketch of the reviews us how it will look like a flagship phone coming to buy Google, but we loved what propose this infusion, this prompted many designers to create computer images special review will not how it may seem this phone in real life.

In fact, regardless of design, there are three key things another make these leaks are very interesting. In the beginning, the leaks suggest that the phone the Google Pixel 4 XL will put a hole in the top-right corner of the screen to contain the dual front camera, this means that the Google company decided to give the phone the Google Pixel 4 XL ugly pieces so to speak that we saw in phone the Google Pixel 3XL which upset many users. Thus, the use of holes instead of cutting allowed to buy Google by making the screen cover as much as possible of the reality-style series phones Galaxy S10 Series newest from Samsung.

Second change most interesting in the phone the Google Pixel 4 XL is the removal of the sensor fingerprints from the back and move it to the screen, which makes the job of access easier in the new phone. As for the second change the main phone the Google Pixel 4 XL, it use two cameras in the back instead of only one camera. In the case if you check it already, it will be Google Pixel 4 XL in fact is the first smart phone from Google boasts more than one camera in the duty of his background.

This sequence is not unique or very interesting, but what makes it interesting to some extent is the fact that it reveals a significant change in the strategy that I follow her Google Inc in the smartphone market over the past three years. From the knowledge of the company Google it is interested in software more than the gear in the phones Google Pixel its own, but it seems that they will change this strategy in the aspect of hardware this year.

In fact, the operating system in the phones of the Google Pixel is great, and if we are to judge, we’ll say that Android user phones Google is the best compared to all the Android phones, and other hand, is the power and politics of stability, but when it comes to gear, there is still a Google company behind the knee, they are used almost the same gear in its smart phones every year so they only upgrade the processor only and some other things, but recent leaks suggest that Google intends to change that, literally, with the fourth generation of phones Google Pixel.

The operating system in the phones of the Google Pixel is so strong that it can withstand the pressure gear the weak user, the company owns a great program for the camera, as well as many of the features of artificial intelligence is possible, the user interface is clean, but the gear is not that much of the kindergarten, many of the people in the current era they’re not gonna want to use the smartphone features only 4GB of RAM, and ugly in the screen, the camera one in the back, and her chin is large, as well as the technique of charging is slow, Especially and Google Inc. asking rates are relatively high compared to smart phones, note that there are other companies launching smart phones are advanced in terms of gear at similar or lower prices. Certainly, the software alone is not enough to convince consumers to pay 700$ to buy a phone the Google Pixel 3 XL for example.

The philosophy of Google in the market need to change immediately, you can’t sell a smartphone based on software only, you must engage in war gear also, all the other companies decided to lift its competitiveness in the aspect of hardware as well, some of these companies have done a great job in this aspect. Thus, if you made a strong performance in the aspect of gear also, you will definitely lose, especially if your performance in the aspect of software is well as well. However, it seems that Google Inc. reached a stage I realized that it could not rely only on software, but combining hardware and software.

Well, we hope or rather we are sure that this year will be the year that we see hardware powerful of a company Google phones Google Pixel. Because of this, we find that there are many people excited to see the two phones Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL, especially since the leaks we have received so far indicate that Google Pixel 4 XL at least is coming with a premium design. In the case if these leaks are true, it means that there is a significant change happens to the phones of the Google Pixel this year.

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