Leaks modern reveal the secrets of the phone +Galaxy S10

New leaks reveal a lot of interesting things about the phone Samsung product +Galaxy S10, by more than a full month from the date of the appearance of his official high, what stems to those leaks?

Leaks +Galaxy S10

At a time when the company Samsung seriously needs 20 from next February, since they will uncover the the company’s South Korean giant for 3 smart phones one batch at the very least, come those new leaks to give us some of the features of your phone +Galaxy S10, before released to users is estimated at one month.

She explained the pictures of the leaked phone Samsung perspective, the +Galaxy S10, it will have 4 cameras wallpaper, mark on the 2 in front of the screen of the Infinity-O, what means that the Samsung phone will get two cameras for Sylvia at the top right of it, bearing in mind that the edges of the phone will become less thicker than that of your phone +Galaxy S9.

Samsung are different from others

Related to things associated with that will be on the abduction of the latest Samsung phones, +Galaxy S10, electronic devices and other smart phones, where they suggest opening the camera on the right to see the special, different from those described with Honor View 20 and Galaxy A8S, for example, because in that case you’re going icons Status Bar to the left, with the appearance of certainty for each of the former, notifications, Bluetooth, silent mode, Wi-Fi, battery percentage, Home screen.

Confirming the reports issued with the advent of the recent leaks, and by comparing phone +Galaxy S10 phone Samsung other +Galaxy S9, that although both phones are roughly the same size, except that the +Galaxy S10, it will be less weight and will be accompanied by the edges of less thickness, however, except that it looks like a lot of things are similar between the parties.

Recall that the last picture is impressive, has leaked from inside the bus, she walked on the campus of Suwon University, an organization which is experiencing the development of Special potential with the Samsung E-note that the smart device is still even now in pre-production, which Samsung hopes to hide the design from the eyes as much as possible, until the last minute to release one of the phones he’s talking about users, before the appearance of its light, months and weeks.

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