Leaks: iPod touch new, iPad-iPhone, USB-C and a new design for a camera three

Can we accept the saying “that what happens in the iPhone remains in the iPhone,” we can’t accept the fact “that what happens at Apple stays at Apple. “ According to a new report for the blog Macotakara the Japanese “relevant to supply chain often” what share this site information from the original sources. It has been leaking new information about the intention of Apple to launch iPod touch developer, in addition docking-iPhone. This non-leaking new design of the camera of the tripartite entirely different to the previous controversial. It should be noted that the position of the acute according to his record seventh in the registry, it Site honest, reliable and widespread rumours of Apple products. He is the owner of the leaking early any-iPhone XS Plus as he called time and then went out on behalf of the iPhone XS Max, well the leaked iPhone XR under the name iPhone XC .And the owner of the leaked iPhone SE. The mouth of the New predicted position of acute Japan?

تسريبات: آي-بود تاتش جديد، آي-فون USB-C وتصميم غريب لكاميرا ثلاثية

The return of the iPod Touch

After a long absence I decided Apple TV update iPod touch have been issued in the previous generation in 2015 at a price of $ 199 with a storage capacity of 32 GB.

The report of Macotakara, that Apple is working on the development of the iPod sophisticated. But the report is slightly ambiguous, as consulting website acute source of the supply chain. He said that there are no details yet about the changes to the iPod touch the new in this stage.

In theory, the iPod touch can help in the expansion of the base of the Apple, in terms of increasing the number of users of Apple devices and iOS system and thus the more users who pay for capacity storage on iCloud and use the App Store and iTunes this is Accessories. It is likely that targeting Apple users are younger who aren’t prepared yet to protect the smart phone.

It is sure to be a iPod touch is the only device family that will the Apple TV on its development and production again after having stopped production of the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle in 2017.

Walleye-the next iPhone may support USB-C

The report also said, that the iPhone rule 2019 is likely to support the USB-C and following in the footsteps of iPad Pro 2018. It has been reported that in sporadic reports over the past several years, however details and assertions remain vague. Which is assisted by the report of the acute, where said supporting design for USB-C is likely to miss the iPhone 2019 .

New design camera iPhone tripartite

We talked in previous articles that the iPhone template will contain three cameras. The more you can follow an ” iPhone killer may contain cameras, three-dimensional advanced” and ” leaks early for the design of the iPhone next and iOS system 13 “

Raised design lenses the previous uproar wide, it didn’t seem designed to be acceptable at first sight. Stated Steve Hemmerstoffer known as OnLeaks that Apple is still in the process of finalizing what it will look like design number three. More recently, the site showed Photosaraja Indian design another for the triple, it seems acceptable too. Where you have to arrange horizontal, and with a flash around the lens in the middle, and provides a microphone to the bottom of it.

According to those leaks on the difference of its words shows beyond doubt that both the design of the box or horizontal design are the models initial 100%. Because devices iPhone 2019 is still in the stage known as the EVT, or Engineering Validation Test a test that is controlled of the health of the engineering design of the device and the extent of its rival. So I didn’t take the Apple decision yet on the design. We don’t know after you will use one of these designs or to design another?

In the meantime, I didn’t know any other source on the design of the camera triple lens that you may use Apple, so we have only to wait for more leaks to get a clearer picture of how the design of the Apple camera triple.

What do you think about these rumors? And what do you think in return iPod touch and iPhone to the USB port-C? Tell us in the comments.


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