Leaks iOS 13 reveal some of the details of the specification of the iPhone 11

Recently spotted a leak of a new version iOS 13, the operating system of Apple, revealed through his about some specification series phones iPhone 11.

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Reviewed channel EverythingApple on YouTube some of the specifications of the camera in the iPhone 11 that disclosed in the iOS update 13.

It is submitted in accordance with the new arrangements to come the highest version of Series iPhone 11 with the OLED screen size of 6.5 inches, while the second version screen OLED characteristic size of 5.8 inches, as comes in both versions with the same extrusion top the of the screen possible versions for this year.

Also offering Apple in versions of this year great improvements in the technique of Face ID to come perform the best this year, which will enhance the ability to identify the user’s face from the corners of the wider, so that the supports face recognition from close range also.

On the other hand, supports Apple releases new design with a layer of glass matte with the design of the matte also in the side frame of metal or of stainless steel, also among the improvements provided by Apple in this versions in amplifiers stereo that comes with improvements noticeable also.

Also scheduled to come series phones iPhone 11 this is the general settings in the camera back with a sensor key, and the last telephoto, the sensor of the third special lens with wide angles that featuring the latest technology OIS as indicated by previous leaks, however, the new report emphasizes that the advantage of optical stabilization will be available in the sensor main sensor telephoto, that comes sensor the third feature of the installation visual in versions of Apple phones, the iPhone in 2020.

Also from the article that supports the sensor representative of the angles a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, also operate the Apple on the included LED flash improvements more in the camera background, without any change in the size of the flash, but that supports lighting a larger area brightness is also higher, as it comes to the design of the camera in the back with a thickness of less than versions this year.

From another side to offer Apple a new upgrade offer HDR smart in the new versions measure up to the competition between the versions possible in the markets, this coupled with some features of iOS 13 that appear in the iPhone 11 this year, among them al The Dark, which is expected in the next release to include third-party applications also, where you refer to that, Apple offers the skin a dark-colored dark gray as an alternative for the Black color.

Also scheduled to update supports iOS 13 the user in learning technology representative of the artificial intelligence which operates on the learning of user behavior to support the management of arbitrary memory in the phone to optimize via download prior to each application that is often used to reduce the response time for the launch of these applications.


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