Leaks indicate that some of the phones the iPhone this year include a full three and

In the latest reports that I spotted today about the versions of the iPhone associated with its launch this year, it was pointed out that some of the phones the iPhone will be the settings of the three for the rear.

iPhones will have a triple-camera setup

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Started Apple in prepping for the new generation of phones the iPhone now phones iPhone 11, in a new report today noted that some of the phones the iPhone killer is coming back with a special settings the three.

Comes the new report through the suppliers of Apple in China, as was also pointed out that the design of the cable car, the triple comes in a prominent bump in the back of the phone, the design mimics what made Huawei phone Mate 20 Pro, to be submitted to Apple this design distinctive versions of phones the iPhone, while the iPhone XR next settings of the double cable control of rear.


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