Leaks early phone Google Pixels 4

Google announced a few days ago about phones Pixel 3A and peck chains 3A XL – a link – but the rumors about the phone Pixel camera 4 associated with this year started leaking already. The latest leak alleged that the new phone will be redesigned completely and will come without any buttons material.

تسريبات مبكرة لهاتف جوجل بيكسل 4

This information has been shared about those leaks by Channel John Bruce on his channel on YouTube under the name of FRONT PAGE TECH, which last year were the source of several accurate details about phone Pix 3 phone pixels 3XL throughout the months before its launch. It also confirmed that channel the details of the phones Pixel 3A before officially announced.

According to the source, will comes phone pixels 4 areas touch on aspects of the substitute for the buttons real. It is believed that these sensitive areas to have used a version Extended of the technology the Active Edge of the current Google and currently on the phones Pixels 2 and pic sender 3 that allows users to put pressure on their phones to start the Assistant Google or silence calls and notices contained.

In addition, the source says that the phones will support the technology camera flukes embedded in the screen, similar to Samsung phones Galaxy S10 and other phones this year.

It will contain the phone on the sensor a fingerprint or ultrasound within the screen.

Is expected to buy back part of the device on a dual-lens camera including sensor zoom telephoto to zoom in and out, and the other contains sensor wide angle too. The camera comes in a horizontal instead of the vertical direction is most prevalent in smart phones dual lens.

◉ It is expected that the phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 855 like phones Galaxy S10 phone LG G8 ThinQ phone OnePlus 7 Pro. It is expected to come with storage space of 128 GB for the first time, the memory random RAM 4 GB only.

◉ It is expected that the phone comes with the latest version of Android is expected to be Android 10 Q which will be released in August.

◉ It is expected that the phone comes other advantages such as receiving a rating of IP68 for water and dust resistance, bigger battery supports fast charging.

◉ It is also expected to support these phones fourth generation networks only and not 5G.

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