Leaks confirmed specifications of the Samsung associated Galaxy View 2

Published new leaks today via AT&T on the Samsung tablet associated Galaxy View 2, where they reveal new leaks about some of the specifications of the Galaxy View 2.

Galaxy View 2

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Confirmed leaks AT&T today on the plans of Samsung coming to launch the Galaxy View 2, which is scheduled to come device the size of a 17.3-inch screen, featuring a screen resolution of 1080 pixels, the device features four speakers and a Dolby Atmos sound.

It also comes Galaxy View 2 in accordance with the arrangements with a storage capacity of 64 GB, the device supports external storage via microSD card up capacity of 400 GB.

Also supports Galaxy View 2 technology NumberSync of AT&T, which allows user to make voice calls and receive calls also through the device.

It features the design of this version stands kickstand with a hole in the back, where the instrument can be used to display featured the full screen, or the style of portrait, also featuring a Galaxy View 2 battery capacity 12000 mAh, with USB charging port-C for or call.


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