Leaks confirm smaller phones Galaxy S10 will not known as the “Lite”

Confirmed the latest leaks on that version of the smaller of the series phones Galaxy S10 will not provide markets titled “lite”, where he comes to the same specification as the greater version of the phones but with a smaller size in the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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Leaks on the implementation of the trade name for the smallest phones to Galaxy S10 to which I refer in the past to it comes to markets titled lite, where the new leaks that the difference would be in screen size smaller only while this version is the same specification possible for the top of the processor chip and memory.

Also confirmed leaks on that phone Galaxy S10 Plus larger versions of Samsung will come to issue special from Samsung this year special with a storage capacity of 1 TB RAM 12 GB RAM, as confirmed leaks of the new on that the phone comes with a display size of 6.4-inch includes two cameras front built-in screen, with the settings of the three for the rear.

While the Galaxy S10 with a display size of 6.1-inch Settings three also in the camera background, comes the premium model with a display size of 5.8-inch with the settings of the double cable control of rear.

On the other hand pointed out the source of leaks to the releases this year come in black and white colors, the Samsung also offers other colors such as blue, yellow and for some models of phones.

Also scheduled to come versions of Samsung three of Galaxy S10 with the interface, One UI, and these versions at the entrance to the sky of 3.5 mm, and three versions to the market on 8 March after the official announcement on the 20th of February.


I know of

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