Leaks confirm plans for Nintendo to launch a console Switch low-cost in June

Published new leaks via Bloomberg confirms plans for Nintendo to launch a console Switch low cost, soon, as indicated by the leaks that Nintendo will release the New after the events of E3 at the end of June.

Nintendo's lower-cost Switch

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Company refused to Nintendo during the financial period confirmation on any plans to come to launch a version of the low cost of the gaming console Switch, except that a new source confirmed to Bloomberg recently that the company is already preparing to launch this version in the end of June.

Include leaks that the new version won’t come all the nurses and specifications that enjoy the original version of the Switch, also did not confirm Nintendo officially on this version, but is expected to reveal hints about this release with the announcement of the company’s sales report for this quarter.

On the other hand, projections indicate that this version will not provide the updates available for the controller in games Switch, where the consequences of a lot of users the version special wounded your top with the new features, except that this version is targeting the larger industry users with reduce the unit cost of the games, particularly the lack of change Nintendo pricing associated with the unit, Switch the original even two years after its launch for the first time.


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