Leaks catalog version number complete of game console Xbox One S

Published a set of photos for the issuance of full digital new unity Xbox One S expected to launch later Microsoft, where revealed image on the display promo full unit games, with the expected price of this version date of the official announcement.

Microsoft -Xbox One S All Digital

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It seems that the software giant can make some changes on the design of the gaming devices, according to the revealed by these shopping catalogs, Microsoft is on its way to launch the games console Xbox One S All Digital, where it is expected to adopt this version digital to download games from the Microsoft Store or purchase a Game Pass to access the games library.

Also expected in accordance with the arrangements illustrated to support the unit games content games 4K or HDR, with a storage capacity in a hard disk up to a capacity of 1 turbo, as it comes to the gaming device design in white with the unit or a joystick in games one, that corresponds to the control arm with the unity Xbox One S also present.

Include leaks also to to Microsoft will the Xbox One S All Digital with three digital games pre-installed, where it comes from the game Minecraft, and the sea of Thieves along with Forza Horizon 3, and it is expected that as the price of the digital version of the new to 229.99 euros, that applies in the European markets on the 7th of May.


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