Leaks catalog reveal about the design and some specifications of the phone OnePlus 7

Company plans to OnePlus for a special event during the next month, it will detect my phone OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. Although this is only unconfirmed rumors, but it looks realistic given that OnePlus is usually know for its phones in the spring or fall.

It has already been leaked pictures of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro in the month of March last, and now, according to a new report, it has been leaked pics reveal a phone OnePlus 7 Standard. And apparently, the Pro version just of the phone will come to the mechanism of the front camera of the slider, while will be the standard version on the same approach for OnePlus 6T.

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In comparison with the OnePlus 6T, will contain the OnePlus 7 on the LED flash on the cam the camera, which also argue that it is more prominent. As for the front camera, it will be placed on the small bump at the top of the screen, which will keep its size is 6.2 inches.


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