Leaks catalog phones Samsung Galaxy A70 Galaxy A60

Spotted the latest leaks pictured at TENAA for new versions of Samsung phones from the A series, where they reveal the leaks about the design of each of my phone Galaxy A70 Galaxy A60.

Samsung Galaxy A70

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Published the latest leaks on TENAA comic today for more phones A unveiled soon, where the design shows all of my phone Galaxy A60 Galaxy A70.

As revealed leaks about some of the key specifications for these versions, where he is scheduled to ensure all the phones settings, three for the rear, while the phone comes A70 sensor-fingerprint built-in screen, also comes phone A60 design Samsung in screen Infinity-O or hole in the screen.

Samsung Galaxy A70 leak

Features Galaxy A70 size 6.7 inch screen, with a bump waterdrop in the upper part in the screen of Infinity-U, is expected to come camera triple lens wide, with the camera supports shooting more accurate with a sensor depth of imaging.

Also expected to feature these versions of gradient, the first color between light gray or blue, it also has a phone capacity battery 4400 mAh, the largest capacity battery in the series of Galaxy A, also the phone comes the value of 164.2 in 76.7 7.9 mm.

Samsung Galaxy A60 leak

From the other side of the Galaxy A60 screen Infinity-O, with sensor-fingerprint built-in screen, the battery capacity of 3410 mAh, with measurements of 155.2 in 73.9 in 7.9 mm.


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