Leaks catalog live the highest quality for my phone Galaxy S10 Plus Galaxy S10

The clearest images that have been leaked for my phone Galaxy S10 Plus Galaxy S10, which was published today on the internet.


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With the approaching date of the official announcement of the Samsung Series phones possible, stop the leaks that come with details and photos of more phones before the official announcement, and in the vivid pictures of a new phone my Galaxy S10 Plus Galaxy S10 comes with the highest quality display to be about the design of the two phones.

Has revealed leaks again recently for a feature to store the currency of the blockchain on the phone, and today come leaks across a blog from Germany, which revealed a set of live images to the phone from more than one angle.

Sure the phones come with the same design that appeared in a lot of shopping catalogs with design features camera front built-in screen Infinity, features Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cut the supports of the two cameras in the front screen, while the Galaxy S10 with the camera one just the built in screen.

It also comes rear cameras, design, horizontal, also come with the front cameras on the left side of the design of the two phones on the reverse design of the camera in the Galaxy A8s that came with the camera front on the left side of the upper part of the phone.


I know of

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