Leaks catalog for OnePlus 7 design slide

Started peeps first phone OnePlus killer to spread on the internet, where spotted leaked images of the phone’s rumored that the phone OnePlus 7 next.

Alleged-OnePlus-7Reveal the pictures that are newly published on the internet, about the design of the slide phone OnePlus 7, with a featured screen edges too skinny, where these leaks after the launch of the first images to design the back side of the phone, which was the beginning of the launch of several leaks later.

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And shopping catalogs that are monitored today for OnePlus 7, the model appeared the new phone along with the current version OnePlus 6T, which has revealed the specifications of the new design anticipated release of the OnePlus.

Also according to this photo is expected that the phone OnePlus 7 the edges of the skinny in the upper part of the design of the front of the phone, trying to phone for Oppo Find X, so I’m still this design is available for the issuance of OnePlus killer, given both companies the same design language in the versions possible.

In the mechanism of Glide available in the phone OnePlus 7, reveal the leaked images of the model of the phone with the clipboard of your phone for the proximity sensor, the design refers to the popup module from the back side of the phone, which is also one of the specifications that came with Oppo Find X.

Certainly there are also some differences between the design of the Oppo Find X and model who appears in the leaked images of the phone OnePlus 7, and between these differences button in the form that comes in the right side of the phone frame, as different amplifier design audio on the Oppo Find X.

Recall that the expected date to launch the next version of OnePlus will be during the month of May 2019, which is expected to be unveiled also released this year, with 5G smartphones.


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