Leaks – Apple will add these features camera iPhone 11 template!

I have agency Bloomberg News report of the new about phones iPhone coming this year indicated that the company TSMC Taiwan already started in the production of the processor A13 of the new phones the iPhone also revealed more details about the camera.تسريبات - آبل سوف تضيف هذه المزايا لكاميرا آيفون 11 القادم!

تسريبات - آبل سوف تضيف هذه المزايا لكاميرا آيفون 11 القادم!

The report pointed out that the phones iPhone three this year you will get the same current design with minor changes, as it was also mentioned that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max coming to camera three, while coming to the next version of the iPhone XR camera binary.

According to Bloomberg, the camera of the iPhone you will get three major advantages:

  1. The expansion angle of the image capture.
  2. Raising the level of optical zoom Optical Zoom up to 5 or 10 times.
  3. Feature auto Photo Fix Auto-correction which will be re-the persons inside the image once again if picked up and they are outside its framework.

A Bloomberg report also confirmed some of the previous rumors such as raise the capacity of the battery which will require an increase in the sky by 0.5 mm with reference also to the advent of the accept the wireless charging reverse-cell-phone Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20/P30 which will allow the user to employ phone as a wireless charging charge the headphones AirPods or iPhone another.

Those advantages if it was new for the safety of the iPhone, however, takes precedence over calculated corporate competition for the Apple TV, even now there is no anything that is not tradition. we haven’t seen already.

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