Leaks about the phone Mi A2 of Shawty

This topic leaks about the phone Mi A2 of Shawty appeared on Engadget.

After I made a phone Mi A1 of Chao, which was running Android One a huge success, it appears his successor is now on the internet before it is launched.

I’ve been phone launch Mi A1 of Shao in 2017, where it became very, very popular among the customers as a smart phone comprehensive and supportive system of Google. The phone is not super in terms of design, but provided the specification is enormous, including a processor Snapdragon 625 and preparation of dual camera.

It seems that Shawnee decided to invest the success of her phone. Mi A1 the launch of a new upgrade the phone is in the new phone appeared on a European retailer online, where you will come Tel Mi A2 on the same formula, but it will contain a larger screen size of 5.99 inch and the edges thinner, and will also include the fingerprint sensor from the back, this in addition to the preparation of dual camera.

Include the specifications of the phone Snapdragon processor 660 of Qualcomm memory random capacity of 4 GB or 6 GB, and internal memory capacity of 32 or 64 or 128 GB, as coming the screen by the dimensions of the 18:9 and the accuracy of 2160 × 1080 pixels.

I didn’t know Shawty officially about the phone Mi A2, but is scheduled to begin sales on August 8.


This topic leaks about the phone Mi A2 of Shawty appeared on Engadget.

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