Leaks a photographer for Galaxy Sport Samsung Smart

Published the first leaks of the comic for the next version of the hours Samsung Sports Galaxy Sport, where the reveal images for the design of Smart Watch expected to be announced at the Samsung Hall in February.


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More leaks for Samsung products expected to be announced in the conference of the 20 of February next, where they reveal the latest leaks about hours Galaxy Sport, with a base wireless charging is expected official announcement during the conference Samsung’s upcoming.

And photo hours Galaxy Sport smartphone, which was approved recently by the FCC brand for the smart in the background of the previous design, and come in at smart code for my SM-R500, and SM-R500X which refers to the support one of the models of contact networks LTE.

It is expected that targeting this design sports two in particular, as this version features available from the monitoring of heart rate, with a range of sensors in smart time, as the Pulse in the clock icon smart features to track the user’s health throughout the day.

Recall that the new design for a smart watch is somewhat different from the previous version, the previous version framework characteristic to the surface that is different in this version, is also expected to come in at Smart Design editable for the country in the operating system Tizen.


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