Leaks a photographer for a new campaign for Galaxy S10 Plus

The latest shopping catalogs that are spotted through Weibo today, for the special protection screen the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, that show two of the holes in the screen cameras front.


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More leaks that reveal the design of the phone giant, the Korean representative of the Galaxy S10 Plus, where the images leaked today, the design of the phone through the protection panel, which reveals two holes for the front vehicle in the screen, with the distinctive design is framed too skinny.

As revealing as the pictures on the website the holes in the screen in the upper part to the right, with the design of the last screen of Infinity-O, comes to the upper frame of the phone with for audio, also provided that the phone features a designed curved from the edges.

The Compare site Weibo between the proportion of tires in my phone Mate 20 Pro from Huawei, iPhone X from Apple and the frame design slim in the protection panel, which leaked the Galaxy S10 Plus, where indicated previous leaks suggest that the screen operating ratio of 93.4% in the Galaxy S10 Plus associated, i.e., it increased from 83.7% in the Galaxy S9 Plus, and more from iPhone XS Max, who run the the screen where 84.3%.

Also in the leaks again it was pointed out that the Galaxy S10 Plus will come with dimensions in the screen by 19:9, so we expect more details about the design and specifications of the phone until the official announcement in the month of February by launching the phone’s gallery world in Barcelona on the 25th of February 2019.


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