Leaks – the most important advantages coming in iOS 12 !

IOS 12 will be announced mid-year during a conference Apple developers WWDC 2018, but we might know we On Some aspects and features of this next update across a number of leaks that appeared with the beginning of this year and still expect, some talk in general about the system and the other dealing with some more detail and it is thanks to the famous news site Bloomberg.

تسريبات - أهم المزايا القادمة في نظام iOS 12 المنتظر !

Leaks – the most important advantages coming in iOS 12 !

Apple .. a new strategy for updates!

According to the website Bloomberg, Apple intends to follow the new policy updates iOS Grand will begin with the iOS update 12 coming. This strategy is based on focus on solving the problems of the system and raise its quality and focus more on increasing performance and stability rather than put up new advantages on a large scale.

Also accordingly, the many advantages may be delayed its launch for a while longer until I work on it more and fix the vulnerabilities of this electronic payment service Apple Pay Cash and feature Messages on iCloud and other.

This new policy may come as a result of for iOS recent disappointing due to the emergence of some problems and errors with every update and not work some more in the way desired, and iOS system 11 The current perfect example of that! (Read also : Apple TV systems and show problems which is not expected)

The most important advantages coming in iOS 12

Doesn’t mean what we have mentioned earlier that the iOS system 12 will create advantages and new additions, definitely will be Apple’s priority for stability and reliability with warmth and also some new features and if it is not the large number who maybe waiting for a lot of users.

Site Bloomberg also cited a new report citing some of the developers of the iOS system 12 in Apple touched on to some more coming in the iOS update 12 law and including the following:

  • The advantage of conference calls via FaceTime with the support الـAnimoji during calls.
  • Animoji for iPhone new X and a new way for review.
  • Improved control options in the feature do not disturb Do Not Disturb.
  • Improve package ARKit special applications of augmented reality.
  • Improved feature parental controls that allow parents to better control the devices of their children.
  • The further integration of Siri within the system and its applications.
  • Re-design of some applications such as application Health and application Stocks.
  • The possibility of running some applications on different systems, Apple TV, any one application can work on iPhone, iPad and also Mac OS!

Besides, the report Bloomberg also some advantages of the iOS system 13, which will be released through 2019, and of which: re-designed Home screen, the ability to run more than one window within the app (same idea as the tabs inside the browser), possibility to run two copies of the app simultaneously, and re-design of the photos app with the advantages of a new pencil Apple Pencil. A lot of these advantages was expecting it with the iOS update 12 this year, but Apple chose to delay it another year to give developers more time to work on it and make room to focus on fastness and stability of the iOS update 12 as the first priority.

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