Leaking the full specs for my phone Huawei P30 Pro and P30

A few days before the announcement of Huawei’s latest smart phones, leading from the category of P namely, the P30 and the developer version of P30 Pro, leaked technical specifications complete with pictures in the official press them.

More what distinguishes the two phones is the camera present in the P30 Pro that offers 10 levels of approximation by using a hybrid style of rounding. Have phone camera lens focal length equivalent to 133 mm, which allows zoom up to 7.8 times, and combined with improvements to the software and data is obtained from the main lens at the expense of the camera, can zoom up to 10 times.

Have a phone P30 Pro lens accurately 40 megapixels girl f/1.6 lens wide accurately 20 megapixels girl f/2.2 with a special account to collect data that relate to the depth of the scene to be photographed.

From the front there is a screen type OLED led by 6.47 inches curved from the parties to Basil is similar to the provided Samsung with a hole in the top for having the front camera is sensitive to map the three-dimensional of the face to use in opening the lock.

And put Huawei headset instead relying on the style of the vibrations to transfer sound as did LG with the phone by the G8 there will be the expense of fingerprint built-in screen.

On the inside there’s a processor Kirin 980 eight-core Latest have Huawei with RAM 8 GB and memory internal storage options start from 128 GB and even 512 GB expandable via memory cards of the leadership of the NanoMemory.

And Huawei has a battery of 4200 mAh and the advantages of water resistance in accordance with the standard IP68. It is unfortunate things to P30 Pro won’t let the fifth generation there will be no separate headphones external.

The phone P30 comes with a screen OLED smaller measuring 6.1 inches with a hole up without curved edges and three cameras from the rear and also the processor Kirin 980 eight-core, but the memory of random less than 6 GB and the option of one of the storage 128 GB and smaller battery 3650 mAh and customize it to the style of vibration to transmit sound, but it enjoys a vision within the screen and water-resistant IP68 there are separate headphones external.

Let’s wait on March 26 and see what will be submitted to US Huawei officially we know the dates of availability of the two phones seem.

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