Leaking the database of a feminist for 1.8 million Chinese woman

تسريب قاعدة بيانات نسوية لـ 1.8 مليون إمرأة صينية

Detection a researcher at the means of safety Victor Gevers for the second time within a short period after detection of diversion more than 300 million messages chat in China, a new database but this time competent to the apartments of feminism where the data is leaked personal information of about 1.8 million Chinese women all have in common is the description of the strange case of the “ready to procreate”.

The data include the soil name, address and phone number in addition to common problem associated with all female leaked their data, in a clearer Gevers that the majority of the leaked data back residents in the Chinese capital Beijing has also stated that he doesn’t know who is behind this label and what are the hidden intentions behind the deployment of a database like this. can anyone up to it once you know the IP.

In the rest of the data available on the network read the day and a half after the establishment of Gevers report about it by publishing a tweet on his personal account in Twitter to be then to hide it and cut way to access them without knowing the main reason behind collecting such information; but to expect their relationship to plans birth control and government oversight in the shadow of the declining number of births in China due to the law of the child supposed since 1979.

It is worth mentioning that the database included a number of additional information such as marital status which indicated that 90% of them single and links account Facebook restricted area originally in China but can be accessed via the VPN, as shown by the age groups.

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