Leaking source code and secret of the phone iPhone in the ” biggest leak in history “

Apple iphone 6 Plus

It was reported that an anonymous user posted the source code and secret of the phone on the iPhone platform GitHub, a source code which was said to be ” the biggest leak in history. “ This was the source code belong to the file key in iOS named ” iBoot“, which is the file responsible for ensuring the departure of a trusted operating system. In fact, this is a program which does basically the analysis of the iOS system, which is the first process which is performed when it is running the iOS device.

File iBoot says the conversion process and verifies that nuclear work as they should before they run. So you can imagine what the extent of the effect of leaking the source code for iBoot on the internet. Can allow source code to the developers for iOS and hackers finding vulnerabilities and security holes in the iOS system and the establishment of new ways of unauthorized access to the system.

It is reported that this code is for iOS 9, which is no longer the latest version of the iOS system, but reports indicate that parts of this source code can be kept in use in the iOS system 11, which is the latest version of the iOS system.

Author Jonathan Levin, who has authored several books on iOS and MacOS describes this settlement as ” the largest in history. “ He said for the Motherboard that this case is very significant because this is the source code actually looks for iBoot because they correspond to the source code that reflect the geometrically the same. Said the security researcher, another the writer that he also believes that this is the source code of the real.

Even Apple had to confirm this registration when you inadvertently sent notice of the Tribunal the copyright of digital materials well-known acronym in the name of DMCA notice site GitHub removed the code from its site. In its request, the company said Apple TV : ” the source code for the iBoot is the intellectual property of the copyright belonging to Apple. Is not open source “. However, she assured us Apple indirectly to the code that was leaked was real. A short time after the submission of the application, the site GitHub to remove the source code.

It’s unclear who is behind this recording because it was posted on the website GitHub by anonymous user. Apple has not yet commented on this issue.


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