Leaking new – Samsung plans to produce a phone with a screen !

Most of the phones launched during the year which were containing on the screen without the edges of the almost, therefore, many predicted that the future of smart phones will be a smartphone carrying a single screen, but the edges of the final, but the latest leaks revealed a new patent from Samsung phone without the edges of the screen, a large screen in the front and smaller ones in the back.

Phone Meizu Pro 7

That idea carried out by the firm, such as LG said manufactures phone V20 screen, one on the front standard and a small in the back, the company MEIZU, which has manufactures phone Meizu Pro 7 the campaign screen wallpaper, too, has been the implementation of these ideas to varying degrees of success. But it’s certainly different what Samsung.

Own design patent your phone Samsung future

As it appears through image, large screen size and screen smaller, you can lock it and move it 360 degrees, it will become the invention of favorite for putting their phones in reverse, relative to the screen installed, we will find also the subject of a fingerprint reader built-in, such as education, the traditional perspective currently.

Interesting is the lack of a headphone jack in the drawings which is the top 3.5 mm jack, in addition to the apparent lack of front camera. You can design this design for use with rear camera only, which become a picture of health when you turn the phone (thanks to the second screen).

However, you must keep in mind that the leaked report of the patent is not in fact aimed at imaging device is coming, it is more the outline of certain technology, or certain techniques, can be used or not used in one or more devices in the future.

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