Leaking new, Note 10 Samsung screen 6.66 inches

تسريب جديد.. نوت 10 من سامسونج بشاشة 6.66 بوصة

It seems that the era of big screens didn’t end all of the phone manufacturers including Apple, American opposition to increase the size of the phone screens in the past, in the years he took the “Steve Jobs” CEO of the company he refused to completely increase the size of the screen due to his belief that the phone must not be dimensions are generally accepted and that larger screens can be provided in the category of tablet devices such as the device company’s best-selling “iPad”.

Were to buy Samsung sports to invent a new category between the smart phone and tablet devices that category called “phablet” which is controlled by the company to the series of notes since the beginning of its launch in 2011 until now, and the new registry today on the new version of the class notes which bears the name “Galaxy Note 10” which won’t be on the launch of the current generation Note 9 for more than two months.

Phone upcoming flagship of the company Samsung will be the Samsung Galaxy S. 10 that everyone expects a lot of surprise, it is expected that contains a screen size of 6.44 inches, except that the sheet 10 is expected to receive a larger screen as is usual size of 6.66 inches, the obtained exponent of 10 on a rear camera with three lenses, the sheet 10 will get the same camera is definitely in addition to the card in a larger size in addition to the S pen as for the dimensions of the screen it is expected to announce Samsung on new dimensions up to 19:9 instead of 18.5:9 previous.

Surely the dimensions of the new screens in addition to the dialogue almost non-existent provided an opportunity for manufacturers the possibility of providing devices with big screen without completely abandon the phone size is appropriate for daily use.

It is worth noting that Apple is the traditional competitor for the Korean giant Samsung in the field of smart phones has recently announced the last phones which is the XS which has issued the Max of the screen up to 6.5 inches in addition to the powerful processor of the model A12, which can process about 5 trillion operations per second is superior to the former A11, which could process 600 million operations per second fact only..

It is expected that the release of the new series of the exponent on 24 February by the conference of the great company as usual.

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