Leaking more details about the smart watch Galaxy Watch Active

Galaxy Sport

Samsung is working on a new smart watch. It is said that this smart watch will come to succeed the previous the current smart Samsung Gear Sport may carry the name of the Galaxy Watch Active. Having said that, we are here with a new report sheds light on some of the technical specifications for the new smart watch.

It is not surprising to see Samsung decided to abandon the brand Gear and replace them with the brand Galaxy in this the new smart watch as well. The company has done this already last year when the launch of smart watch Galaxy Watch that came a succession of Samsung Gear S3.

The biggest change, which was mission specialist, turns out it’s true. Will the smart watch Galaxy Watch Active to get rid of the frame and removable rotation which tends to hours Samsung smartphones over the past few years. Will this smart watch new under smooth instead note that it will not be possible to use this framework to navigate through the user interface.

Now say further that the new smart watch Galaxy Watch Active will be screen with a diameter of 1.1 inch and accurately 360×360 pixels, will be two buttons on the right side. Moreover, it was speculated that this smart watch will include a battery with a capacity of 236mAh, this would raise the risk of some of the features of Samsung Gear Sport who are planning to upgrade to a new arena because the latter includes a battery with a capacity of 300mAh. However, the new Smart will get on the processor Exynos 9110, which features more speed, as it will support WiFi and NFC and Bluetouth 4.2, but it will not support unfortunately 4G LTE.

Samsung did not hint at ever to the possibility of detection of a new smart watch at a press conference held on the 20th day of February in the city of San Francisco, so maybe we’ll see this smart watch at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held later this month.


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