Leaking molds devices iPhone 2019 XI and XI Max

Based on the leak many occasions we have mentioned in previous articles and this article –link– this –link– and also this –link-. As a result of those leaks successive be when Channel a substantial percentage of what it would be iPhone killer. Based on those leaks, it looks like it was the adoption of those designs are great especially the design of the camera triangular cutting edge, which becomes in the interest of the lovers of photography. Yesterday detected leaks new molds of steel used for the manufacture of covers iPhone killer! Is it new?

تسريب قوالب أجهزة آي-فون 2019 XI و XI Max

The site SlashLeaks posted a photo believed to molds for making covers iPhone XI and-iPhone XI Max. Certainly this is done based on the plans leaked to test the covers of the new on those devices associated.

Show templates to every model my iPhone the New need on the camera module a large group of lenses and Tri. While the sheet front almost appears as the same size. Where I work the Apple on the downgrade in spite of they will be sophisticated techniques, this time under the name of Face ID 2.

According to previous arrangements, still believes that the camera system for iPhone, the next will contain three lenses basic 12-megapixel camera, and the second telephoto wide-angle, the recent introduction of Sony’s exclusive accurately 12 mega pixel camera where you will use the imaging technology CIS or ” “CMOS Image Sensor the most advanced.

There is no doubt that this design raised mixed reactions. However, it seemed that Apple couldn’t reach a more elegant design, however, some leaks remember that the Apple TV will revert back to the type of paint minimizes the visibility or appearance of those cameras that are undesirable.

It is worth mentioning, that Apple will produce iPhone 8 sophisticated. In addition to offering iPhone XR screen OLED rather than LCD the current.

What do you think about those leaks? And do you think that the Apple share something different? Tell us in the comments.



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