Leaking data of millions of accounts, celebrity Instagram where they

تسريب بيانات الملايين من حسابات مشاهير إنستقرام

A tragedy New Balance product users Facebook, this time through the application of Instagram where they which suffered a major setback leaking data of tens of millions of accounts among the millions of private accounts in the celebrity of artists, and influential.

The web site, TechCrunch, to the base of big data found on the internet contain data that 49 million different accounts, and this number is increasing every hour. Has been creating the database uploaded through the Amazon cloud services without a password which means that anyone can access and see the data, and did not know its owner until now.

The site says that security researcher Anurag Sen found the database and tell them to make the effort to reach its owner and secure the data.

The database contains information such as profile, personal, name, phone number, email address, profile picture, location, and the state in the case were confirmed with the Instagram where they will be in addition to other personal information for each account. As well as data about the value of accounts and the number of followers and interact with them.

According to the site, it was the correspondent of a number of the owners of the data on the Internet confirmed some quick that those data are real.

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