Leaking a database of influencers and celebrities on the Instagram


Store information about contacts in a database doesn’t make much sense, but be logical if it was to protect this database with a password. Unfortunately, this is not the case with a database containing contact information for millions of influencers and celebrities and accounts of the brand in Instagram.

Reportedly, it has been left this database is exposed because of forgetting someone add a password to it. This means that anyone found out where to store this database will be able to access them without the need of any tools to hack into a private or tools cracking password. It is estimated that this database includes information about more than 49 million party.

However, some of this information is not necessarily private. Because the information stored in the database was information was withdrawn from the accounts of the Instagram public. Includes biography, photos, profile, number of followers etc., this information was always possible to get them easily if I followed that person. At the same time, other private information listed in this database includes email addresses and phone numbers.

Since then, it has been separated this database on the internet, said Facebook in a statement issued to TechCrunch : ” We’re looking into the problem to understand whether the data are described, including email addresses and phone numbers from Instagram or from other sources “.


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