Leaked technical specifications of the phone Motorola One Vision, it will make the processor Exynos 9610

Motorola P40 - Motorola One Vision

Just yesterday, the monitor phone Motorola One Vision in the platform performance tests Geekbench with the processor Exynos 9610, and with 6GB of RAM, and with system Android 9 Pie as well. Pointed out previous rumors that this phone will carry the name of Motorola P40, but this will probably be is the name of the phone in China and the rest of the world, while the name Motorola One Vision in the United States of America.

Now, here we are with additional details refer to the same thing and cost us more details about the device. According to the information that has been posted on the forum XDA Developers, you will be providing phone Motorola One Vision known by the name of the symbolic Robusta2 processor Exynos 9610, and 3GB or 4GB of RAM, and 32GB or 64GB or 128GB of internal memory.

As is clear from the name, the phone Motorola One Vision will be part of the initiative Android One, so this means that it will be in advance with system Android 9 Pie raw. It is also possible to get updates to Android R.

Will the phone Motorola One Vision screen has dimensions of 9:21 and accurately 1080×2520 pixels. Did not disclose the source on the screen size, but based on the photo which was leaked earlier phone Motorola P40 and the fact that it is expected to be the launch of the Motorola One Vision under the name of Motorola P40 in China, we expect to report the screen size of this phone is 6.2 inches.

Phone Motorola One Vision will have also two cameras in the back, and the device primary camera with 48 megapixels note that the latter will be able to take photos accurately 12 megapixels. And Motorola is also on the special features of the camera, including ” Long Exposure ” and ” Video 3D HDR “.

Will the phone Motorola One Vision also battery with a capacity of 3500mAh, will be presenting two colors are blue and gold. Phone will be sold in international markets including Latin America, India, and Brazil, and to China under the name Motorola P40.

There is also another phone from Motorola with the processor Exynos 9610 carries the code name Troika. And that this phone boasts the same amount of RAM and the same options of internal memory, is expected to be selling this phone in all of the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe and Latin America, India and China. Expect to hear more about them soon.


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