Leaked specifications of the tablet Huawei MediaPad Pro

If it is a hardware leader in the market for a tablet, why spend a lot on the launch of the Samsung device Galaxy Tab Galaxy S6andrumored that Apple will reveal the latest models of iPad Pro soon.

According to a source informed that Huawei used to advertise the tablet leading to be the latest version of the family of the MediaPad, but will get the Pro instead of the M7.

The leaked official images have repented MediaPad Pro to be on the first screen perforated to include a camera in the tablet, in spite of the presence of the edges of the top and can use the camera, but Huawei wants to distinguish itself; even if at the expense of embracing the weird design!

Comes tablet Huawei the structure of the aluminum, it features a back camera vertical double flash in Leeds, that there is a speaker to the frame bottom to the side of the USB-C port, it is not clear from the photo the presence of a separate speaker 3.5 mm or not.

There will come a tablet compatible with a keyboard Huawei magnetic pen M-Pen, which will be submitted with the tablet, to be like the latest version of Apple’s Pencil of portability attached magnetically to the device to start charging it wirelessly.

It is expected the arrival of MediaPad Pro with the latest processors, Huawei, Kirin 990, with the Ram 6 GB storage and 128 GB, as the lowest of the options. And to see the official announcement before the end of 2019.

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