Leaked specifications of the tablet Huawei MediaPad M5 10 Pro next

Despite the fact that demand for tablets is declining however, Huawei recorded a significant growth of 28% year on year in 2017 in the sales of its devices tablet, according to new information, the company plans to keep its plans in Pro version from her computer tablet MediaPad M5 10 soon, we may see the device in the event of the company within the events of Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 the end of the week. And some of the technical specifications for the computer and for the tablet it seems that it will come with the manufacturing of metal with 4GB of RAM and a screen by the display 16:10 high resolution 2560 × 1660 pixels. And tablet button home with reader fingerprint Compact the bottom of the screen while at the top we find the front camera, and unfortunately it seems that the MediaPad M5 Pro has a micro USB port rather than USB-C. For more details about the device continue our coverage of the event Huawei, which will be held next Sunday.

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