Leaked specifications of the iPhone with a screen of 6.1 inch

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo known record of his excellent in the transfer news the apple of the interior, revealed the lineup for iPhone 2018 by several months, by declaring that the phones this year are: the successor of X, which will come to the same screen olid 5.8-inch, and plus Magnifier X Screen olid 6.5 inch economic LCD screen size of 6.1 inch.

This has got BGR on several information about the design of the iPhone economy, citing several reliable sources from the suppliers of Apple TV, to the phone in the design of the stop is based on information drawn, you see it in the picture below.

Like iPhone X, iPhone the button home reader insight there will come a recognition system of three-dimensional on the face, but it will be wider than X; it included the components of the broadcast video image and the bottom of the LCD screen has more space than the screen of the OLED, resulting in the presence of the edge of the substrate is large, so the Apple TV to increase the width of the Parties to the entire screen to be uniform.

For to the back of the iPhone the economic and the rear camera Mono is much larger than that in the models of the iPhone 8, which means that the browsing experience will be better.

For the specifications of the iPhone economy, which revealed ko is the adoption of a framework of aluminum and not of steel iPhone X, and the battery will be rectangular, and memory random capacity of 3 gigabytes.

This expects Apple to have iPhone X economic more phones the company selling even the Declaration of iPhones 2019, because of its price, which will be in the range of $ 700, whatever the case, we’ll make sure that when you detect the phone in September.

Source: BGR

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