Leaked specifications and photos of the phone Huawei Nova 3

New pictures appeared on the website of the telecommunications authority, the Chinese TENNA indicate that Huawei is working on a smart phone named Huawei Nova 3.

Smart phone New the average specifications of Huawei may see you in a couple of weeks in the retail markets, the phone holds the hardware and design similar to the phone P20 Lite which bore the name of Nova 3e in some markets.

Phone Huawei Nova 3 alleged will come to the dimensions of the 19:9 screen with my daughter, as is expected to be supported by a processor Kirin 710 along with random memory capacity of 4 or 6 GB in addition to the memory internal storage up to 128 GB. Which may mean that Nova 3 will gear more advanced compared to the phone’s Nova 3e.

Refers to that the smart phone associated with it will be fitted in the back with a double support of the advantages of the artificial that the Processor Kirin 710.

While the leaks about the new phone is still scarce, but we expect to launch it officially sometime during the month of July next.

Do you carry a phone for Huawei Nova 3e or P20 Lite on? We shared your experience


The leaked specifications and photos of the phone Huawei Nova 3 was first deployed in the are.

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