Leaked specification and price tablet Huawei new prior to disclosure بـMWC


Despite the fact that Huawei won’t reveal a new smartphone during the MWC 2018, but is likely to know the Chinese company announced a range of new tablets that are running Android, under the Brand Name media the iPad, so appeared new details about the tablet ahead of the company.

In accordance with the arrangements, the company will pay Huawei tablet MediaPad M5 8 new memory access a random 4GB of RAM and internal memory 32GB internal memory, it will be the tablet available for purchase in Europe, compared to 380 euros, the tablet’s biggest media iPad M5 10 will come with the same memory size, but will its price is 420 euros.

According to Phonearena India, the device MediaPad M5 10 Pro sites access memory random 4GB and storage space of 64 GB, with connectivity support LTE, and is expected to be available for sale at a price of 520 euros.

Moreover, Huawei will launch Bluetooth Speaker carries the name of the sound stone, which will be compatible with all models of the MediaPad M5 three, however, will be a speaker available for purchase separately for 40 euros.

مكبر الصوت ساوند ستونSpeaker sound stone

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