Leaked some additional details about the platform Xbox the new generation


Here’s more details for the new generation of the Xbox via the Windows Central site is close from Microsoft Corporation of America.

In the beginning we had told you that the several development of the device has codenamed “Anaconda”. Well, let’s clarify a little bit, Microsoft is planning to release two devices in the holiday season 2020 (pending report), one cheap Will Xbox One S, and the code name “Lockhart”, and the second device, the most powerful, the Xbox One X and the code name mentioned, as may be used for several development also.
The report confirms that Microsoft is looking how to reduce loading times as well, and maybe you are using SSDs in their devices.

Microsoft is working on the structure of the joint development that combines cleansing devices Xbox Scarlett for the new generation, and the operating system of Windows Core OS under the name of the Game Core (look to us as an alternative for UWP current, or a customized version for video games).

Finally, the draft Project xCloud is designed to provide the freedom for players to experience the home games on any platform they want and in a way control that they want. In spite of that, the Games aim may not be accurate using touch control, so Microsoft is apparently working with companies like Razer to provide terminals new (or even devices) to make sure that the experience of Xbox on the phone is as smooth as possible.

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