Leaked Samsung its devices wearable new

Use Samsung to launch series Galaxy S10 next Wednesday, it seems that the event will be three wearables new, according to the application of the Galaxy Wearable.

Detect application update Samsung announced three new devices expected launch to happen Galaxy S10: H Galaxy Watch Active bracelets Fit/Fit e headphones Galaxy best.

According to rumors, will come hours Galaxy Watch Active of the 40 mm that have screen 1.1 inch, was told by the screen of 1.3 inches, and it seems that they would give up the bezel that came with the H Gear S2 three years ago. While I didn’t detect the last record of any evidence about the rumors, confirming that the former will be available in two colors at least.

The bracelets fitness, not dealt with leaks before, and allow the Galaxy S10e into account, it seems to Fit the e version will be cheap, it is expected that the start prices of$ 100 or even less.

And finally, headset Galaxy best, they are smaller in size than the headset ايكونX, as the battery capacity is less, but it seems that the portfolio will support wireless charging, and it will be shipped by card phones S10 via wireless charging feature reverse, and it will be released as a gift to the request of the S10 in advance in some states, however, will not make absolutely sure all what we have mentioned here only at the official announcement.

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