Leaked Samsung 3 specifications of Galaxy S 10 in videos

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سامسونج تسرب 3 مواصفات لهاتف جالاكسي اس 10 في مقاطع فيديوLeaked Samsung 3 specifications of Galaxy S 10 in videos

Leaked Samsung 3 specifications of Galaxy S 10 in videos

There is no longer any more time, just a week separates us from Happened Samsung product on February 20 next, let’s watch the Galaxy S 10 in three models, and also watch phone Samsung folding as Samsung confirmed a few days ago with a short video .

Samsung in Vietnam were leaked to YouTube hours ago 3 videos for three of the advantages you’ll see on Galaxy S 10, desire of the Korean company in to raise the degree of excitement for the fans to maximum .

Fingerprint scanner ultrasound within the screen

The word ultrasound means that Samsung would be able to adopt the method faster and more accurate fingerprint identification from many of its competitors in the industry Android devices .

Wireless charging reverse

This short delivery refers to Samsung phones the S-10 will enable it to work as a mobile for the reverse hardware is another feature provided by Huawei before in dead 20 Pro.

Front camera can installs visual and export 4K

Shopping the report refers to a camera phone Galaxy Note 10 the front will bring the capabilities of 4K video recording and optical image stabilization (OIS).

Looks like we’re waiting for the phone interesting already .

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