Leaked sample images taken with a camera pixel 3 XL

We learned in recent years that Google do camera phones what do not the competitors, this provision applies to what are allegedly the first images taken by a camera phone pixel 3 XL associated with its launch October 2018.

Maybe back preferred development of the performance of the camera to setup dual as well as triple as in the P20 Pro, which led to improved feature rounding and photography in Night mode and the effect of Booker, but the pixels 3 XL camera monounsaturated (according to leaks) it looks very impressive., we note images high dynamic range, and the exact colors and the amounts in which, and the definition of the elements of the scene accurately without affected by the softness or extent exaggerated.

The source of these images is blogger Ross got on the pixels 3 XL somehow; it was leaked by HD Fund phone.

This has been described rumors during the past weeks, the coming of the pixels 3 XL screen 6.7-inch by the bump for iPhone X, the Processor Snapdragon 845 with the RAM to 4 gigabytes, and the party camera single 12 maps, Camera, Dual front, cleverly, that you’ll find below a photo of the porter did not explain the source camera used to capture it.

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