Leaked Redmi K30 with a hole in the screen-camera dual front!

After the submission of the Redman for their representatives Redmi K20 Pro and Redmi K20 with specifications and prices featured, it seems that the brand of the company Shao Chinese equipment to surprise the new with the new generation Redmi K30 .

تسريب Redmi K30 مع ثقبين في الشاشة لكاميرا أمامية مزدوجةLeaked Redmi K30 with a hole in the screen-camera dual front

According to the latest leaks, it has co-general manager of the Redman “Lu Weibing” via his account official on the web impressive image with reference to the telephone Redman K30.

The picture shows part of the front end of the phone, specifically the front camera, which come in the corner upper-right corner of the phone in the design of the double is a hole in the screen.

Already this design greatly resembles the design of the front camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which we haven’t seen in any other phone till now.

Was Redman has revealed about K20 and K20 Pro last May with the design of the camera pop-up and preparation of camera background of the trilogy, and was able to check with K20 Pro the treatment of difficult care phone specifications upscale and its mission Khalifa Pocophone F1 made by Shao in 2018.

With Redman K30 suggest shopping other to support the connection to the fifth generation of networks 5G, which makes it a premium phone especially if the company could provide it at a cheap price like its predecessor.

The launch date of Redmi K30 :

Even now don’t provide any information about the launch date of Redmi K30 and time early to here the question, has made the brand the Chinese a few weeks ago the version of Redmi K20 Pro Premium with the chipset Snapdragon 855 Plus with 12 GB RAM, coupled with a large storage capacity of 512 GB.

So we have a lot of time and a lot of leaks and information that we produce that we know about series K30 new, which we will follow up with you in the topics to come.

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