Leaked prices of the series phones Galaxy S10 Series in the United Kingdom


We heard many things about the Galaxy S10 lately, but one of the information that was revised throughout this period we are the official price of this phone, but this seems to change now, we’ve got today on the prices of model Galaxy S10 of the three, at least in the United Kingdom.

According to doctor New rose today, it seems that the phone Galaxy S10 Lite will be cheaper by about 70 pounds compared to the Galaxy S9 that was released last year compared to 740 pounds. This means that the phone Galaxy S10 Lite would be 670 pounds, while it will be the Galaxy S10 about 800 pounds, and the phone +Galaxy S10 about 900 pounds, but you have to take into consideration here that we are talking about the version which includes 128GB of internal memory of these smart phones three. In the case if you are looking for more details about the price, you can have a look at the table detailed below :

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On the other hand, frequency also now in this new report that the phone Galaxy S10 will Technology Powershare, a technique that allows the phone to charge other devices wirelessly, provided that these devices support the possibility of charging wirelessly, just like the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Take into consideration that women with 1 TB of internal memory of the phone +Galaxy S10 may be is the version compatible with the 5G which also has four cameras in the back and two in the front, as well as a Super AMOLED display size of 6.7 inch. This version of the phone +Galaxy S10 may arrive later, most likely in the second quarter of next year or later.



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