Leaked photos of new live for the first phone from Motorola with a screen the same bump

Reveal the leaks that the phone Motorola One Power of Motorola will adopt the trend in the smartphone market currently, it is the screen the same extrusion.

I started the end of last May a new series of leaks that Motorola is gearing up to announce a new phone as the Motorola One Power will be the first smartphone with a screen of protrusion.

The first leaked image of the press phone, then leaked a week after a vivid picture of what appeared to be a prototype of the device, in addition to a number of specifications relating thereto, and before two weeks from now a new picture appeared to reveal the form of the phone and specifications.

Now publish the site TechInfoBit a set of live images for what appears to be a prototype of another phone is in the hands of someone, these photos are the clearest, even for a phone Motorola One Power.

For to live images of the New, we find it match with the Live image previous images press leaked earlier, what gives them some sort of credibility.

If the official information from Motorola about the phone still no mention of what leaked earlier about the specifications of the first phone with a screen the same outcrop of the company owned by Lenovo.

The phone come with a screen measuring 6.2 inches and accurately 2280×1080 pixels, in addition to the eight-core processor type Qualcomm Snapdragon 636, the memory random access “RAM” size of 4 GB, and 64 GB of internal storage space.

With regard to the camera, the background will be double accurately 12 megapixel + 5 megapixel with a Lens Aperture of f/1.8 to the first open Lens f/2.0, respectively. The front camera will be accurately 8 megapixel with a Lens Aperture of f/2.2.

Also leaked that the phone is coming with a battery with a capacity of 3,780 Millie ampera/H, then it will running 8.1 oreo of the Android system. And because it belongs to the category of Android phones One, he will be one of the early phones that get updated to Android P.

This and don’t know when do you think Motorola announced Motorola One Power, with reference to the company revealed on 6 June for a phone Moto Z3 Play with the screen measuring 6 inches, but no bump.

What do you think about the specifications and design of the phone Motorola One Power that? Share your opinion the comments.


The post leaked images of new live for the first phone from Motorola with a screen the same outcrop have been published first in are.

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