Leaked official image of the new phone Honor 20 Pro, this time in black


In the last week, have been leaked official photos of the phone Honor 20 Pro the next of the sub-brand Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei in dark blue and white drop earrings to a pink color. Having said that, we got today as well as on the official image again for the same phone, but this time in black.

This image reviewed by the US back of the phone Honor 20 Pro, a fact that is clear to everyone that it comprises four cameras so that it seems that the camera at the top will be a camera close based on the principle of perspective to provide rounded up to five times, while supposed to be other cameras the remaining phrase about the cameras wide-angle, high, camera, Time Of Flight see information depth. It is rumored that the primary camera in the phone Honor 20 Pro will use the sensor Sony IMX600.

Generally, you’re supposed to make sure of everything when Will a sub-brand Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei slide the curtain officially series phones Honor 20 Series in an event that will be held by the company on May 21 the British capital London.


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