Leaked new phone Samsung Galaxy S10.. it would be 3 cameras background!

Care about the tech sites and users phone of Samos next, Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S10, its release during the New Year 2019, they are to leaks and rumors about the phone in an attempt to predict the new Samsung phone next.

From the latest leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S10 a set of images reveal the design of the phone, which according to them would contain 3 cameras background lurking in the horizontal on one line, which is a big difference if you will with the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9, in which a pair of cameras in a vertical position.

Besides, you’ll end up the fingerprint sensor of the background of the phone to the front screen, where it will be the bottom of the glass screen.

Recall that Samsung has set March 2019 as the date to reveal its new phone Galaxy S10, but had not yet disclosed the price, while the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is about 11,700 pounds on the site of the market.Com.

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