Leaked images realistic review not one of the Samsung phones folding

Galaxy S9+

Years ago we heard rumors that Samsung is working on a smart phone foldable. It is reported that this phone will have a screen flexible enough to allow a slow phone, though we don’t know to what extent will this phone foldable. But thanks to the photo that was leaked today from China, may be we have an idea what you plan Samsung.

These leaked images of the said smartphone of Samsung holds the name of the model SM-G929F, also known as ” Project V “. It seems that this phone has been cancelled for a while, so it is possible to not looks like a Samsung phone collapsible boat like shape. But at the same time, can give us an idea of what you’re thinking Samsung.

As we are not sure of the extent of the development of the draft Project V because the design seems fairly simple and looks like a phone related via detailed, which refers to the possibility to be pictures that were leaked just a prototype.

In fact, this is not the first time that we see such a device, the company Kyocera in 2011 launched something similar, in recent days, and exactly in the year 2017, the company ZTE to issue a similar phone named ZTE Axon M.

Anyway, better to deal with everything as a bit of protection, but if recent rumors are true, it is assumed that the cost of the Samsung foldable boat up to 2000 USD.

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