Leaked images of Xbox One S and release date

The confirmation of the rumors and leaks maneuver in the past and appeared on the internet pictures for your Xbox One Digital full which does not contain a drive, where he got the German community WinFuture.de the photos seem from a retailer is served, it seems that Minecraft games the sea of Thieves, “” Forza Horizon 3 will be pre-installed on this console.

And shows the box that contains the hard disk capacity of 1 TB, and even now think the price details uncertain, with the situation in mind that this may be a version only one Xbox One SKU of the digital according to Microsoft’s plan to create a version varies historically depending on the region in which the control of the investigation.

Whatever the case, given that it seems that the official image of the device is displayed on the internet, it may not be long till you know about the company officially, where up Microsoft following in April 16, which will be held on news about its plans to address the Electronic Entertainment Law.

Reportedly, Microsoft is also planning for a “disc to digital” where you can bring the game on the disc to the retailer and get the download icon, in addition there are rumors of a bundle offer Xbox Live + Xbox Game Pass for $ 15 per month, so it could be that one of the other ads in the event Microsoft next this week.

It is said that pre-ordering for the device will open it in April to be up to the users all over the world in May, and may not be the last console announced by Microsoft in the coming months, where it is rumored they will be on the controller at least one of the next generation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, and more importantly, if Microsoft make Xbox free drive, this does not mean light would stop production of the Xbox with the drives, where the availability of the internet and its speed as around the world, It seems like they will provide the option to transition to a digital device in full for those who are interested in it.

Source: winfuture

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