Leaked images of the phone P30 Pro reveal 4 cameras out

Ahead of us a big announcement, another about smart phones in the first half of the current year reveal the Huawei series P30 on 26 March next; after a month from now. Where I used to see this category in the same period of each year with a new update on the cameras for leading companies.

According to the leaked images, the power will upgrade again in the field of the camera with the phone P30 Pro which will come with a camera with 4 lenses out, after that previous carrying of him 3 camera out and opened her door for large companies to unleash the cameras three.

According to the site, winfuture reliable in the leaks, the lenses of the P30 Pro will be the one with the characteristic optical zoom 10x, and with another light sensor ToF, which helps in capturing images with 3D, will be one of the lenses is very wide as is obvious.

Cameras come three vertically on the side as is the habit of the previous generation, in comes the lens fourth the bottom of The Flash to the camera in parallel.

As for the person of the year, the phone will contain a front-facing camera on The Shape of a drop of water in the center of the screen which in turn will contain a sensor fingerprint built-in.

The phone will be P30 with a camera less than his older brother as usual, but it will get the same design of the internal gear in general probably comes with smaller.

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