Leaked images of the phone Meizu 16s emphasizes the slim design of the tire

Phone Meizu 16s is one of the versions associated with its launch later this year, where they refer to that the phone comes without protrusion of the upper in the screen of the cable car, with a skinny frame too, to be announced during the month of May.

Meizu 16s leak

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The latest images that have been spotted today phone Meizu 16s perspective, emphasizes on the design of large screen phone that comes with a premium design with frames traditional, but the design of thin, disappears as the extrusion top of the screen in this version.

Include the delivery of new comic to the camera front the phone is coming to the right of the screen in the top frame, as characterized by the screen in accordance with the arrangements the design of a flat tire with a curved glass 2.5 D, which is the same design adopted by Samsung in versions possible during the past years.

Also confirm registration on phone Meizu 16s will come angles special design of the curved display support the best in the screen, as projections indicate that phone Meizu 16s applicable size 6.2 inch screen, while the phone comes the Meizu 16s plus size 6.76 in AMOLED screen with Full HD Plus.

Recall that the Teaser Official phones Meizu 16s confirms that the phone includes underframe with a thickness of less than 16 mm on phone Meizu 16 that applies a phone with Snapdragon processor 855, the sensor main Strictly 48 mega pixel camera, with the level of pricing of almost $ 500.


I know of

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