Leaked images of the design for a folding of the Sharp

Today published the latest photos that reveal the design of the Sharp phone’s distinctive design, foldable, where the phone comes in three-dimensional images are reviewed to see Sharp phones collapsible.

Sharp-foldable smartphone

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Phones are collapsible one of the key features of the releases this year of smart phones, where a lot of companies now Department for the development of this category of phones.

The case is no different with the company Sharp, where recently spotted blueprints lays out a vision for the design of foldable phone, and today appeared images of this vision is the design of three-dimensional phone Sharp folding, which launched via LetsGoDigital.

I have recorded Sharp … patented at WIPO through 2017, where the back outline to the design of the phone and the mechanism folds the phone, where the phone features a long talk, with less volume for the company, as the folds of the screen vertically.

It is to support the design of the phone breaks the double folding the phone in half, or to support close the upper, and also support transformation of messages and notifications without having to unlock the phone fully, as it does not guarantee the design of the phone camera front, where it comes with only one background.

This is the first attempt to buy the Sharp in the design of the flip phones that came through 2017, so it is expected to reveal a new vision of the company in the possible phone design folding during the coming period.


I know of

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