Leaked images for oppo Find X Screen without the parties

It seems that the Oppo Find X is the flagship phone killer in the field of smart phones, which will continue to get rid of the edges of the screen side, and the oppo anticipation of the phone before its official unveiling on 19 June, and now the monitor image ad for the phone has been broadcast inadvertently on channel TV Chinese CCTV1, reveals the design of the device.

And written phone vivo NEX S, the side edges of the top have disappeared, including the extra pieces, which includes sensor, camera and headphone calls and I’m not sure where to put the oppo for the front camera on the phone. It seems that the phone features edge high-low skinny very likely that the proportion of the screen to the front of the phone more than nine per cent.

The phone features a rear camera Double on his back, with the curved design, and before that you feel very excited, he finally see a different design from the design that is a thrill to him as did Lenovo recently with the phone Z5, companies are not afraid of lying about the design of the phone just to build support and no before you ask it, so we have to wait for the date of the official announcement.

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